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Special: Student Design Project

to Reimagine Creekside Commons (Creek Park)

Check out some submissions below or learn more about the project.

(Extended Deadline)


Family Submission (Wade Thomas), including a 4th grade and Pre-K student (above).


6th Grade Student, White Hill

"My idea for this space is to create a place for people to gather outside. In my sketch I showed an area that can fit lots of people with more picnic tables/grassy area/seats by fire place. I also added a bike rack for people to drop their bikes. Although there is already a stage I think we could raise it and update the wood so it can be used for music/skits/fundraisers."


Three-student collaboration, 6th Grade Students, White Hill

"For the creek park project of San Anselmo we took time to consider what we thought was best. One of our favorite ideas is to put up a mural. The mural would go on creekside restaurant with their permission. We thought we should put it here because the building next to it is being demolished and we saw that it would leave the blank white wall of creekside in the open and open for graffiti. We thought a mural would be a nice thing to look at instead.  We think that there should be a bridge next to creekside to add access to the park. We think the tree in the middle of the grass area should be taken out to add room for movie night. We think there should be a cleanup to get rid of the concrete blocks in the creek. There should also be new benches by the creek. There should be redwood trees and bay trees to replace invasive species. Also if it is possible we thought there could be some abstract sculptures by local artists. Also the grassy field where people sit to watch the movies could be flattened out a little."


4th Grade Student, Brookside

"My design capters the love of music and Art that we have in san anselmo by using murals in the fontain and around the fire. Also we have a stage so musicians and other people can show their talent. The whole park is dog friendly but if you want go have fun you can leave your dog at are doggie fun play stations. Our community garden will have luscious fruits + veggies and other plants that you can bring home for a friend + family. There are 3 reasons why I decided to add the fountain in my design: 1. because I thought that it would be a great spot to add a mural, 2. when people put coins in it we can fish them out and donate to Yes fondation, 3. its a great spot to hang out with friends + family. I decided to add bike racks because people will be needing somewhere to put their bikes. I created this because I would like to make a place where families can be together outside not on a screen."

About the Design Project


The YES Foundation, in collaboration with The Ross Valley School District (RVSD) and with the support of the San Anselmo Arts Commission, is launching a design project in parallel with the Town of San Anselmo's professional design contest to reimagine the space as one that better connects to our downtown and responds to the needs of our communities.


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the town of San Anselmo to reimagine the open space currently called “Creek Park” as a result of the Marin County Flood Mitigation Plan.

We encourage all young nature lovers, amateur artists and designers to capture their favorite views, moments, events and adventures in Creek Park and use their imaginations to offer new ideas for the space. All will be recognized for participating, and ideas of our young local residents will be shared with the top design professionals who the Town is inviting to participate in the professional contest. The professional contest is managed by the Town Staff with advisory assistance by the Creek Park Community Advisory Committee. (More about the professional contest here.)



  • Who can participate: All K-8 students are welcome to enter the contest. It is not required to be a Ross Valley School District (RVSD) student.

  • How: Download materials here, including an optional map to draw on or refer to. See project requirements.

  • When is the deadline? SUBMIT your design by emailing a digital picture of it to Please make sure to include child’s name, grade, school, and caregiver contact info with the email submission or on the back of the design. (Note deadline has been extended on a rolling basis through late April.)



  • Paragraph (1 to a few sentences) or poem to capture your vision: Include some writing to help describe your vision. Parents are welcome to help, especially the lower grades.

  • Media: Use the map to create a flat drawing or draw on blank paper. Use of color and materials is up to you, including digital media (please print out or submit by email). Submissions should be two-dimensional on regular or card-stock paper and should not exceed 11x17 inches (either portrait or landscape).



  • Do your best to account for existing structures such as trees, but you are welcome to reimagine man-made structures such as existing bridges, parking spaces, etc.

  • Consider an overall vision over features… what would an amazing experience feel like? What can you pull from your love of adventure and outdoors? Scenic beauty, seasons, and landscapes? Family, friends and fun? We already have the wonderful playgrounds at Memorial Park and our schools, so we’re looking for ideas for this large common area that would provide unique ways, right downtown, to bring our community together.

  • How bold is your vision? Consider the future of our community

  • Did you consider a wide range of ages who will enjoy the space (seniors to kids)?

  • Did your design go beyond features (a playground) and consider a full vision /experience?

  • For additional area detail, consult Google Maps and visit the area!



  • We will acknowledge participation and showcase designs online, and possibly in San Anselmo locations.



  • By submitting an entry, caregivers/guardians agree to have their child’s project picture posted online or in San Anselmo. Last name and contact info will NOT be posted, just first name, grade, and school. Also note, physical submissions may not be returnable so make a copy before submitting.

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