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Friday, February 3, 2023

Saturday, February 4, 2023 

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Directed by Devin Parker-Sullivan


Tech Week - Jan. 30 - Feb. 2


Mon (3:30-5:30), Weds (2:00-4:00), Thurs 3:30-5:30

Winter Break - Dec. 19 - Jan. 3

MLK, JR Day - Jan. 16

Please sign up for your volunteer hours here! Sign Up Genius

Hi everyone,


Devin, Barbara and Nate have created a production schedule for the remainder for the play. Please note that this schedule is subject to change at any time. Things tend to move around as the production rolls along, but this is a general outline.


Production Schedule

Also, note that the play weekend dates per cast have been announced. The Chronicle cast will have their dress rehearsal first on Friday, February 3rd followed by the Gazette's dress rehearsal.  The Chronicle cast will perform Friday night and Saturday afternoon. The Gazette cast will perform Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. ALL CASTS will be required to attend a Sunday afternoon celebration and they will Strike the House (this is when all families help breakdown the stage).  It's a lot of fun! See the production schedule below.

Production Schedule


Sign Up Genius

Anna will be opening up the Sign Up Genius this week.  Set design and day of responsbilities will be available to complete volunteer hours. These tasks are a lot of fun. Like to paint?  Interested in helping the kids get changed back stage during the production? Stay tuned. Sign Up Genius



1. Please make sure your child brings their script and a pencil.  They are really getting into their lines and blocking. They'll be taking lots of notes.

2. The multipurpose room is becoming a lost and found. Make sure your child does not forget their coat, backpack, water bottles etc.

3. Behavior - Being in a play is so exciting and there is a lot of energy. Please remind your child to listen to the Newsies team. It's not easy wrangling over 55 kids.  If you are supervising, please be hands on.  It's OK to step in and ask kids to listen or take a break outside if needed.


Thanks Newsies families!


Congratulations to each and every one of you! We have thoroughly enjoyed these past two weeks of workshopping and auditions. There is so much talent and hard work coming from such a young group of performers!


There may be some students who will experience disappointment or possible confusion regarding their part. Please understand that a lot of time and careful consideration went into casting our show. And sometimes, decisions are also based on: age, height, maturity, work ethic, chemistry, etc… alongside talent. Just remember, you are all young and will have more opportunities coming your way. So be proud of your part and together let’s make this the very best  Newsies Junior to ever hit a stage!


 Please take this time to start memorizing your lines and songs. We look forward to seeing all your eager happy faces after the break!


Devin Parker Sullivan, Barbara Bremer, & Nate Riebli



Hello Newsies Families!


I will normally not send out multiple emails in a week, but it is audition week! Our musical director, Nate, was working with the children on their audition songs Monday.  Nate sent these song clips that will help the kids work on their 30 second auditions. Enjoy the siniging in your home! The kids will prepare for auditions again on Wednesday.

Lastly, you may have noticed the red EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS HERE button on the Newsies website. This button will contain all videos, songs, schedules and cast lists as we get deeper into production. So when in doubt click the RED BUTTON.

Hope this was helpful

Attention 3rd Grade Families! 11.12.22


I'm touching base about auditions for the 3rd graders and children who were absent. There was not enough time to complete auditions for everyone last Thursday.  So in an effort to get the Newsies cast list out to the kids before Thanksgivings Day, Devin is offering two options for auditions.

1. Submit a video of your child's audition by Wednesday, November 15th at 8pm. Instructions for video auditions below.

2. Audition in person this Wednesday, November 15th at 12pm in the multi-purpose room.

If you choose for your child to come in person make sure you send a lunch(it is super-minimum week) and pick up will be at 1:30.

Anna Barker will be there to help supervise.

Instructions for Video Audition: Deadline Wednesday, November 20th 8pm

1. Submit one 30 second song (look under Music Cuts folder for guidance) and 4-5 lines of the character they choose (example lines).

2. Please upload the audition video to the Video Auditions - Google Drive

3. Make sure the video is labeled with your child's name

Take a look at this sample audition in the Video Auditions folder for guidance.

Example Song

Example Lines

Newsies Folder

Hello Manor Families!


This is Chelsea Donovan, Newsies Site Producer, and Ella & Gus Fiore's mom. My job is

to send out weekly emails, typically on Sundays, about production details and notes

from Devin, the Newsies director.  These notes and a Theater calendar will also be posted to the YES website.


If you have any questions about the production or your child is absent after noon on a rehearsal day please e-mail me at Shelly Skelton is teaching and will not be able to respond to emails. The production of Newsies will be a success largely because of you and your volunteer commitment. If for some reason you can not fulfill a volunteer responsibility please do everything in your power to fill it or switch with another parent before emailing me.


This is going to be a fun production. The kids seem so excited and I am already hearing them singing in the hallways! So sweet!


MANDATORY PARENT CAST ZOOM MEETING - Monday, November 7th 6:30-7:30

Please do not miss the parent mandatory cast Zoom meeting this Monday.  Anna Barker will be talking to families about how the production works and expectations. Very important!


AUDITION MATERIALS - What they have been waiting for!

The goal this week is to get through casting by Thursday, so the cast lists can be sent out by November 13, and the kids can start rehearsing the play!  YES plays always have 2 casts per production.


Please note that until the cast list goes out, you can withdraw your student, no questions asked.  Once the cast list has been sent, however, no refunds will be issued.   


Please help us by setting expectations for your child.  We want the auditions to be fun, and not full of pressure. Many children will not get their first choice of parts.  There can only be so many Jacks and Katherines, and just because your child auditioned for a part does not mean they will get it.  Younger students tend to get smaller parts.  But the cliche is true: there are no small roles, and it is far better to really fill out a small role and have fun with it, than to struggle with the pressure of learning too many lines and singing solo in front of hundreds of folks.  And it really is about having fun and being part of something bigger.  


Audition Instructions:

For the audition this week your child will need to be prepared to:

  • Sing 30 seconds of one of the 4 songs listed below with choreography (video is below-there is only 1 dance).

  • Recite 4-5 lines of a character of their choice. 

There are 4 songs your child can pick from for the audition. If your child would like to try out for Jack, Katherine, Crutchie or Medda, they MUST sing their specific song. Otherwise, for any other role please have your child chose from one of the 4 songs below that they like best. They can choose 4-5 lines from samples below or from the script.


Sheet Music for Each Song:

YouTube Link for Each Song:

Lines - Below are a sampling of lines. Your child can also chose any 4-5 lines from the script if they prefer.


Please have your child listen to their audition song and get familiar with it this weekend. 

Nate, the Newsies choreographer, will practice all songs and choreography with them on Monday.


Newsies Audition Choreography video!

Devin recorded the kids practicing on Thursday. Please have them practice this at home!



Have fun!

Welcome to the Cast of Newsies, Jr.!!


Hello Manor Families!

Thank you for signing your student up for YES Theater! We are so excited to begin working on this show with your children! 

Devin Parker-Sullivan will again be directing the show at Manor along with Barbara Bremer and Nate Riebli. Big thanks to Chelsea Donovan, Site Producer & Shelley Skelton, Site Manager for volunteering for these important jobs.


Workshops will take place this Wednesday & Thursday, Nov.2 & 3 followed by auditions next week. Students will be given an Audition Form & a Behavior Contract this week. The Audition Form will have space at the bottom to identify any regular schedule conflicts that your student may have. Both should be completed & signed and returned on Thursday or by the first day of auditions at the latest. Rehearsals take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and will never occur when school is out for any reason. Students should arrive for rehearsals with a good attitude, snacks, a highlighter & a pencil. Workshops are opportunities for the kids to become familiar and comfortable with the process of auditioning. Auditions should be seen as fun and not competitive and the children will learn how to prepare for them this week. Kids should report to the MPR promptly after school to check in with Ms. Skelton. They will be given a short break to have their snack & some playtime and will begin working from 2:00 - 4:00 on Wednesdays, 3:30 - 5:30 on Mondays & Thursdays. They will be given another break at some point during the rehearsal as well.


If your child will be absent, please notify Ms. Skelton. Please try to ensure that they are at rehearsal as much as possible. It is very challenging to rehearse as a group when a child is absent. Children who are sick or miss most of the school day will not be allowed to attend rehearsals.



Workshop/Auditions - Nov. 2-10

Mandatory Zoom Parent Meeting - Mon. Nov.7th (Invite/link to follow)

Rehearsals - Mon (3:30-5:30), Weds (2:00-4:00), Thurs 3:30-5:30

Nov. 28,30


Fall Break - Nov.21-25

Dec. 1,5,7,8,12,14,15,

Winter Break - Dec. 19 - Jan. 3

Jan. 4,5,9,11,12,18,19,23,25,26

MLK, JR Day - Jan. 16

Tech Week - Jan. 30 - Feb. 2

Performances - Feb. 3 - 5



The Success of the YES Theater Program depends greatly on our parent volunteers.

We have an immediate need for parent supervisors this week and in the coming weeks! Please sign up ASAP!! If you do commit to a supervision shift, please arrive on time. Be prepared to help the creative team keep the kids on task. This might involve redirecting and/or asking for quiet and attention. We ask that parent supervisors not be on their phones so that their attention is completely focused on the job.

Sign Up Genius

All families who have not bought out their hours must volunteer. 

Please sign up for your 10-hour minimum commitment today.


  • If you cannot make your shift please try to find a replacement, we are depending on you. If an emergency situation arises, please email the Site Producer, Chelsea Donovan, and let her know that you will not be able to make it.

  • Sign Up Genius


The supervising volunteers would greatly appreciate it if you can pick up your child on time from every rehearsal. Please be considerate and add extra time to your commute if weather or traffic will extend your drive time so that you can pick up your child on time. Students must be signed out from the MPR unless they have permission to leave on their own. (They must still sign out with Ms. Skelton.) We would appreciate your patience for the first couple of weeks while we work out a system to do this efficiently.


  1. Extra snacks

  2. Highlighter & pencil

  3. Smiling faces!