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YES Parties with Purpose

Parties with Purpose are a collection of kid, family and adult parties hosted by RVSD families or supporters for the benefit of YES! They build community while raising money at the same time. 100% of ticket sales go to support YES. 

  • Interested in hosting? Read on.

  • Have questions? Contact Susan Flandermeyer  We are here to help make your event successful. Thank you!

  • Please note parties that generate more than $2200 per family are considered Major Donor's.

Upcoming Parties

Past Parties

Ideas. Ideas. Ideas.


Get an idea!

Big or small.

Fancy or chill.

Adult-only, kid-only, or family friendly.

Need some inspiration?

Here are some ideas


Nab a buddy to help, think about where and when, and check out:

Need help? Contact Susan Flandermeyer.

Get in Touch

Fill out the PWP Host Form and Chelsea will follow up.

What happens next? Once your proposal is a go, you detail out your plan, get YES the info to set up ticket sales and help you market it. Then, host your party!

PWP Works
How this Works


Our goal is to have as many and varied Parties with Purpose as possible! We like to schedule parties far in advance, but welcome parties planned throughout the year, adding them to the calendar whenever hosts are inspired. 


Ticket sales for your party will be managed through the YES ticket reservation system. You set the ticket price and size of the event. You may also manage invitations and advertising yourself or utilize YES to help promote the party through its regular district-wide communications.YES will provide you with regular updates as to ticket sales and send you a final guest list just prior to your event. Should your event sell out, YES can also create a waitlist. 

Host Policies

Thank you so much for hosting a party! Money raised from Parties with Purpose are a meaningful part of the annual fundraising goal for YES.  Hosts are responsible for all expenses related to their event; no expenses will be reimbursed.  Costs associated with your Party with Purpose are considered a contribution by you to YES and are separate and apart from the YES Family Giving Campaign.  (If you have not already done so, please first consider making the requested contribution to the YES Family & Community Giving Campaign.) If you would like, YES can give you a gift-in-kind letter for tax purposes upon submission of receipts for the expenses incurred for your party.


Hosts assume responsibility for honoring the date and event advertised. If you find you are unable to host the party, you are responsible for finding a replacement host(s) for your party.

PWP Host
Ideas. Ideas. Ideas.

A Party with Purpose can be almost anything! The sky’s the limit in terms of possibilities.  Your party can be small and intimate, or huge and rowdy.  From a civilized dinner party for 8 adults, to a family movie night on the school campus, all parties build community, raise money and increase awareness of YES and the programs it supports. Thank you for your generosity in supporting our kids and their arts education.

  • Halloween Costume Party

  • Workout Party (Bootcamp, Yoga, Crossfit, etc.)

  • Moms Movie Night and Dinner

  • Family Movie Night on School Campus (committee member has an outdoor screen and projector available to borrow)

  • Moms Hike & Champagne Brunch

  • Whites & Woodies Tennis Mixer

  • Wine Tasting/Pairing

  • BYOB (bring your own blender) Nutrition Party

  • Conference Day - Kids' "Crafternoon" Party

  • Teacher In-Service Day Kids Camp

  • 5th grade Swim Party

  • Kids Slime Making Party

  • Cookies and Cocktails

  • Wine bus tour

  • End of Year Bash

  • Rose All Day (women’s wine tasting party)

  • Poker Night

  • Mom Pool Party

  • Oyster BBQ

  • Crab Feed

  • Chef dinner

  • Kids Cookie-Decorating Party

  • Adult Prom

  • Cooking Class

  • Family Guided Hike

  • Guided Mountain Bike Ride

  • Pub Crawl

  • Progressive Dinner

  • Magician Party for Kids


Fill out the PWP Host Form... it's easy.

PWP Ideas
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