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Art has the role in education of helping children become more like themselves instead of more like everyone else. - Sydeny Gurewitz Clemens

Kindergarten mini elements of art introduction books. 

7th & 8th Studio Art

1st & 2nd grade skin tone self-portrait lesson.

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YES funds credentialed art teachers at every elementary school and Pre-Period 6th Grade Art at White Hill middle school. YES also funds all art supplies for every art class K-8. The Mission of the district art program is to provide children in Kindergarten through 8th grade an enriched, developmentally appropriate and challenging art curriculum that inspires creativity, self-expression, builds self-confidence, develops problem solving and divergent thinking and helps students become lifelong learners.

Students become familiar with a variety of art media, tools, techniques, art related vocabulary, and develop the ability to employ the Elements of Art and Principles of Design in their work. The program also emphasizes the importance of art in history and contemporary society.

Student art is displayed in the community in a professional manner to honor and celebrate the work of students. Students are recognized as unique individuals with their own ideas, cultural, familial and social values, and are encouraged to make joyful discoveries and connections in their work through this personal lens.

Kindergarten mini elements of art introduction books. 

Art Going Home

At the end of the school year we look forward to sending home your student’s artwork in a collection that will show exploration of various media, their process, and their progression of skills throughout the year. During the school year teachers keep the majority of work to be able to assess students’ growth and exhibit the work both at school sites and in the community. Each school has an Art Blog showcasing our student’s in-process and finished work which gives an inside look at what is happening in the art room. 

Your Brain on Art: Understanding the Brain in Creative Action - University of Houston

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