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The YES Foundation is the public-school foundation supporting Brookside, Hidden Valley, Manor, Wade Thomas and White Hill Schools.


Our Mission: YES secures the necessary funding and advocates for programs that provide all children in the Ross Valley School District access to a complete education, including meaningful and sustained exposure to the arts and other vibrant educational programs.

The Story of YES



After Prop 13 reduced state financing of public schools in the 1970s and California began to cut funding for the arts in public schools, a group of local parents created the YES predecessor, Ross Valley Community for Schools. This initial effort provided funding for art, music, and theater in our local public schools, including a limited number of annual art and music classes and a partially-subsidized theater program that produced plays for students in grades 3-8.


In 1999, with an intention to ensure equity across schools and focus fundraising and program advocacy, Ross Valley Community for Schools evolved into YES, The Ross Valley Schools Foundation. At that time, the Round Table was formed as a partnership between school, district, and parent leaders. The initial Round Table Agreement was drafted collaboratively by all parties to assure that every child in the Ross Valley School District receives the same resources while allowing schools some flexibility to fund their own priorities through parent clubs. 


In its first year as YES, the foundation raised $428K and funded elementary art and music classes taught by specialists for part of the year. YES now raises nearly double what it did in those early years, funding weekly K-5 art and music classes taught by credentialed teachers that provide a comprehensive, articulated curriculum, and giving middle school students access to dynamic arts electives and the opportunity to enroll in two elective courses each year. 


Family Giving is the YES Foundation’s core annual fundraising effort and reflects the community’s deep commitment to the programs funded by YES. The foundation exists and continues to thrive because of the engagement and generosity of the Ross Valley community.

YES Story
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