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Abstract painting, Grade 1

The YES Foundation

We develop creative minds by bringing critical enrichment programs to the five schools in the Ross Valley School District, providing equitable opportunities for our students while building community district-wide.

in public schools?
Why do we have to fund arts education

80% of YES Donations go Directly Towards Art & Music Teacher's Salaries

Learn where public education funding stands in California.  Why do we have to pay for arts education? What are the benefits?  It's all in the video!

Keep arts education thriving in the Ross Valley!

Directed by Katie Rice Jones

Jasmin Gavam - Art Teacher @ Brookside and Hidden Valley

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receive art education from the YES Foundation

with credentialed Art & Music teachers every week

YES was founded in 1980
Made of families, administrators, local business people, and active members of the community

of your child's art & music education is funded by families
Please contribute what you can every year

1,700 + Kids K-8

120+Art &
Music Classes

41 Years
of Service

Family Giving


Celebrating Diversity Through Art and Music


The YES Foundation believes that all children benefit greatly from art and music. Our goal is to fund an art education program where all children feel like they belong. We stand for equity and justice and denounce racism, intolerance and exclusion. 


We are actively working to create anti-racist practices within the YES Foundation. The YES board members will participate in diversity, inclusion and equity training. We are committed to diversifying the Foundation’s board and creating an environment that is welcoming to all, especially BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community members. Through art and music, we strive to build a more inclusive future.