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Together, RVSD and YES believe that we have one chance with every child to get education right. Please join us in our effort to support our school district’s mission to build a school system of unparalleled quality that provides meaningful and sustained exposure to the arts and other vibrant educational programs to ensure our students become inspired, productive and responsible citizens of the future. (Jump down to see what YES pays for at your school.)

"When I create without reservation, when I experiment without apology, I learn about who I am, what I can do, and I feel truly free."  Marin IJ opinion piece from a YES Alum.

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What does YES pay for at my school?

Elementary (Brookside, Hidden Valley, Manor, Wade Thomas)

  • Art K-5, weekly: Teacher salaries (Jenni Bahrt, Jasmine Gavam, Nicole Diosdado),  Materials

  • Music K-5, weekly: Teacher salaries (Pete Santucci, Nicole Smith, Gricelda Calderon, Martin Monson, Samantha Nickel), instruments, materials. Students are introduced to instruments in grades K-2 through the use of xylophones, drums, mallets and other percussion instruments. Hands-on exposure to instruments continues in 4th grade with an introduction to orchestral strings (violin and cello) and wind instruments (recorder). During fifth grade, students choose a year-long study of either vocal music, or of one instrument (flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin, or cello).  

  • Libraries: Books

  • Poetry - Grades 2-5, 8 weeks: Teachers (Matt Davis, Elizabeth Miller)

  • Theater - Grades 3-5, optional, tuition-based: Spring musical involving several months of afterschool practice followed by one weekend of performances at The San Anselmo Playhouse

  • STEAM: Weekly STEAM activities at lunch (in development), annual community STEAM event (in development


White Hill

  • Art: Teacher salaries (Emma Beauchamp, Doretta Ruzzier), materials

  • Music: Chorus, Orchestra, Jazz , Concert and Symphonic Band Teacher salaries (Gricelda Calderon, Martin Monson, Samantha Nickel), instruments, materials

  • Libraries: Books

  • Poetry 8 weeks: Teacher salaries (Matt Davis, Elizabeth Miller)

  • Theater - optional, tuition-based: Fall play, Spring musical. Both involve several months of afterschool practice followed by one weekend of performances at The San Anselmo Playhouse

  • STEAM Inventors/Design Lab, Digital Art, Girls Ignite: Teacher salaries (Lisa Skinner, Bianca Vidal), materials

  • Wildcat Lunchtime Activities and After School Sports


*YES-funded art and music teachers are certificated (credentialed) teachers.

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