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YES Theater began in Ross Valley in 1981. This unique award-winning program has offered children high quality, entertaining, theatrical productions in our community for over 30 years. The YES Theater Program is now a self-funded enrichment program available to all children enrolled in the Ross Valley School District.  


YES Theater produces full scale Broadway musicals, original works by local playwrights, children’s theater favorites, musicals, comedies, and more… all at a fraction of the cost of other local children’s theater companies (see “more about operating expenses” below). Each year, hundreds of students from the Ross Valley schools experience first-hand participation in professional, quality, theatrical productions. The Program offers an opportunity for students to have fun while learning new skills. Theater incorporates listening, reading, memory, teamwork, self-discipline and a host of other educational opportunities. 


We are continually striving to make YES Theater the best program possible, while keeping it accessible to all of our students. 

I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.

-WB Yeats

As always, the YES Theater Program provides the following experiences to all participants: 

  •  Spring musical production at each of the RVSD school sites

  • Fall play and spring musical at WHMS

  • Professional staff experienced in children’s theater including directors, musical directors and choreographers and production managers

  • Audition workshops  to meet the directors and learn techniques prior to auditions

  • No cuts -- Every child who auditions will have the opportunity to perform

  •  90+ hours of instruction and rehearsals 

  • Professional theater venue with full backstage, sets, props, light and sound board

  • Unique KidTech program opportunities for kids interested in behind-the-scenes production of theater

  • “Tech week” experience and dress rehearsals

  • Professional licensed shows

This year we will be adding the following improvements to the program: 


  • Increased staff managing rehearsals for more hands-on rehearsal time with kids

  • Engaging theater games during rehearsal downtime 

  • More training for parent volunteers, especially around production related roles

  • Improved advance communication for easier planning around performance and rehearsal dates

  • Innovative and exciting shows featuring more diverse perspectives from BIPOC and LBGTQ+ playwrights

  • Equity and Diversity training for all paid staff


For Questions and additional information, contact Program Manager Anna Barker at

or YES Theater Board Member Kelly Miller at

More About operating Expenses...

The YES Theater Program is a self-funded enrichment program available to all children enrolled in the Ross Valley School District. It is managed by the YES Foundation, but operates as a stand-alone theater production company with a paid staff.  As such, funds raised by the YES Foundation are not included in the YES Theater Program operating budget and the program is fully funded through tuitions and ticket sales.  


While this is a supplementary program, we strive to make theater accessible to any student who is interested. Scholarships are available to any family who requests one, no questions asked.  Other financial arrangements, such as partial tuitions, volunteer hour buy outs and tuition donations are also available. 


As part of the YES Foundation, the Theater Program can take advantage of school facilities and other resources and pass this savings on, making the program available at a fraction of the cost of other local children’s theater programs. 


 Theater Program Tuition Comparison:

  • YES Theater Tuition: $300 for performers / $225 for Kid Tech

  • 23 Elephants (Managed by San Anselmo Recreation): $512 - $522 

  • Stapleton School of the Performing Arts (Theater program run by North Bay Theatrics) $750

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